A Manageable Type of Intermittent Fasting

Whenever we talk with people about intermittent fasting, we hear similar responses. A lot of people want to enjoy the diet and they said that results were good in the days they could manage it. But many felt they were just not able to keep up with the type of fasting that was required in the diet they had chosen. It is why we wanted to look into more manageable types of intermittent fasting. There is one diet that stood out to us as being relatively easy to handle, especially if you are committed to quick weight loss.

Calorie Cutting For Two Days

Take seven day stretch of time. You will have to intermittent fast during two of those days, while you can eat normally in the other five days. First we will speak about the five days. In these days, you should decide on a regular, calorie restricted amount of food that you would eat. Say you burn 2500 calories in a day. Then you may want to eat 1700 or 1800 calories in those days. You can eat plenty, while you will lose weight day.

Now we come to the two days when you will intermittent fast. These are the challenging days, where you are only allowed to eat 600 calories each. Yes, it sounds scary at first. But when you think about it as being only two days, you will realize that it is not so bad. It is just one day at a time, when you have a single meal of 600 calories. Sure, you will feel hungry that day, but you will know that by the next morning, you can go back to normal. Then you can pick another day to underfeed later in the week!

There is no doubt that every type of intermittent fasting is a little challenging. All diets are difficult! But we found the 5:2 diet was very reasonable. You eat normally for five days, but then calorie cut drastically for two!