Why Drinking Calories Is a Bad Idea

If you have been reading weight loss books and articles in the past few days, you may have noticed a common theme. A lot of people will talk about how you need to avoid drinking calories when you are dieting. But why is that the case? Why is it such common advice? We are going to do a deep dive on calories from drinking and why they are such an issue during weight loss. Specially when you are into intermittent fasting, drinking calories is not good.

Unsatisfying Calories

Think about how you feel after you drink a glass of water, compared to a glass of juice. Does one make you fuller than the other? Probably not. Unless you are drinking a smoothie that includes fiber from fruits and vegetables, you are just drinking plain liquid.

Whether it is soda, coffee, tea, water, juice or beer, these drinks are not going to keep you full in the same way as food. You may feel full in the sense that you drank too much liquid, but you can get that feeling from water. In an hour, it will pass and you will feel hungry again.

Calorie Limits

The main issue with any diet is that you are on a calorie limit for the day. Say you have told yourself that you can only have 1200 calories in a day. Do you want to be drinking 300 of those calories? When you could make yourself some eggs with vegetables on the side for 300 calories? It is a whole meal that you are having to avoid because you decided to add some milk and sugar to your coffee!

Avoid Alcohol

Amon the calories that you drink, alcohol is one that you will definitely want to avoid. Many studies show that alcohol can harm weight loss. It is also an issue that drinking results in loss of inhibition, which means you are more likely to go beyond your calorie limit after you have a few drinks.

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